Trade the Heineken share!

How to sell or buy Heineken shares?

Trade the Heineken share!

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Before selling or buying Heineken shares, find out in this factsheet about the company's live share price and its price history, as well as details of the company's activities to help you better understand the events that influence its share price on the market.
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ISIN code: NL0000009165
Ticker: AMS: HEIA
Index or market: AEX 25

How to buy and sell Heineken shares?

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Elements to consider before investing in this asset

Analysis N°1

Heineken's development of new drink brands is a very important element because this diverse portfolio allows it to increase its sources of income and gain in profitability.

Analysis N°2

You'll also need to watch the increasingly strong competition in this sector of activity, particularly the big competitors also based in Europe.

Analysis N°3

The international expansion strategy implemented by Heineken is also an important element. Therefore, you'll need to closely monitor the group's international acquisitions and mergers, particularly in emerging countries which represent an attractive market in terms of growth.

Analysis N°4

Finally, the marketing operations implemented by Heineken, particularly regarding international sporting events, can boost the group's visibility and increase its sales.

How to sell or buy Heineken shares?
Trade the Heineken share!
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What should I know before sell and buy Heineken stock?

Buy Heineken shares

The Dutch company Heineken specializes in brewing beers under the Heineken and Amstel brands. It also sells several other regional beer brands such as Birra Moretti, Bulmer Cruzcampo, Dos Equis, Foster's, ecore Primus and Sol.

With almost 167 breweries located in over 70 countries, Heineken reaches both the Western European market as well as the Americas, Africa and the Middle East and even Asia Pacific. So far, the group employs no less than 73,767 people worldwide.

The Heineken share price is currently listed on the Euronext Amsterdam market and is included in the calculation of the Dutch stock market index AEX.

An analysis of historical stock market charts shows two distinct phases in recent years with a drop until March 2009 reaching € 20.37, then a bullish recovery that is still in place today beyond 80.00 € with a very high volatility which makes this share particularly interesting.

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The major competitors of Heineken

The beer market is increasingly competitive and the Heineken group is fortunately one of the worldwide leaders in this sector. However, it faces a few important competitors that you should know before you start trading its share price on the stock market.

AB InBev

Heineken's main competitor and current leader in this market is the AB InBev group which owns Leffe, Budweiser, Hoogarden, Corona and Spaten beers. The group bought the Korean company Oriental Brewery a few years ago, which owns the Cass brand.


Heineken is number two in this sector. Next comes the Carlsberg group, which has a consortium with Heineken through joint takeovers of companies. Carlsberg owns the Kronembourg beer brand as well as 1664.

SAB Miller

The last competitor of Heineken, the fourth group in this sector is SAB Miller which offers beer brands better known in the rest of the world than in Europe such as Carlton Dry or Blue Moon.

The major partners of Heineken

Over time, the Heineken group has set up various partnerships which have enabled it to establish its reputation in the world. Here are some of the major alliances that have delivered benefits in recent years.


In 2014, the CFAO group set up a joint venture with the Heineken group in the Côte d'Ivoire aimed at building a brewery operated jointly by the two entities.

Asia Brewery

In 2016, the Heineken group signed a partnership with the Asian group Asia Brewery in the Philippines. This company, which belongs to the diversified LT group, has set up a joint venture with the Dutch brewer aimed at developing the Premium segment of this sector of activity.

Trade the Heineken share!
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Positive factors for Heineken
The factors in favour of a rise in the Heineken share price:

First of all, it should be pointed out that the brand portfolio held by the Heineken group is particularly diversified with more than 300 different beer brands internationally. This enables it to expand its market as far as possible and to generate income from different segments of the population.

Heineken's strong reputation and positive brand image is another of its strengths as the group benefits from the trust of its customers, which it is able to build up over the long term.

The Heineken group's efforts in the field of communication and advertising are also appreciated as they enable it to remain close to its consumer customers and to further improve its brand image.

The Heineken group can also rely on its very large network of breweries for its success. The Heineken Group currently owns more than 125 breweries in 70 different countries around the world. The fact that the group's breweries are well distributed geographically allows Heineken to have its production in close proximity to the end markets, which significantly reduces its transport costs and enables it to respond more quickly to demand. Thanks to its numerous breweries, the Heineken group can benefit from improved customer satisfaction and adapt its production to local tastes without major additional costs.

Still with regard to the advantages of this group, we can underline the fact that Heineken is considered as a stakeholder in the current energy and environmental transition. It thus benefits from an image as an energy-efficient brewery that enables it to appeal to a young population.

Heineken's communication strategy is also more modern and creative than that of its competitors, which is of course another strong point for the company.

Finally and in addition to its various breweries, the group can base its development and success on its workforce, since it currently employs more than 73,000 people worldwide, particularly in the field of production but also in distribution with competent and very well distributed sales teams.

Negative factors for Heineken
The factors in favour of a drop in the Heineken share price:

First of all, the beer market, especially in certain specific sectors such as Western Europe, has been experiencing certain difficulties in recent years, particularly because of the recent financial crisis which has had an impact on purchasing power, but also because of other factors such as weather problems, tax increases or the ban on smoking in certain places of consumption. This recession could therefore have more or less significant repercussions on the group's sales and negatively impact its financial results.

Heineken must also redouble its efforts to maintain the current and past values of the company, to maintain a correct brand image and to meet the increasingly demanding quality standards in some of the countries in which it markets its beverages. It remains to be seen whether the group will be able to put in place the right strategies to achieve this.

Because of its leading brand image in the beer sector, the Heineken group is also highly exposed to the risk of copying and imitating its most popular products. It goes without saying that this type of counterfeiting or imitation, which is often sold at lower cost, is directly detrimental to the company and its revenues.

Another shortcoming of this company is its limited room for manoeuvre with regard to its future development capacities. Indeed, due to its current very large size, the group can no longer aim for a significant gain in market share in the future and thus risks a loss of growth.

Finally, it is well known that the production of Heineken's branded beverages is directly dependent on the market for agricultural raw materials. However, this market is currently particularly threatened by future climate change. It is clear here that a rise in the prices of certain cereals used in brewing would have a very significant negative impact on the group's production costs and thus indirectly on its productivity and margins.

The information supplied here is only for indicative purposes and should not be used without the completion of a comprehensive and complete fundamental analysis of this asset notably taking into account exterior data, future publications and announcements and all fundamental events and news that could influence the strengths and weaknesses or make them more or less significant. This information does not in any way constitute recommendations relating to the completion of transactions or a solicitation to buy or sell an asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the capital of the Heineken group distributed?

Of course, part of the capital of the Heineken group is floating, but another part is held by private investors. First of all, let's remember that Heineken Holding holds 50% of its shares. Next in line are Fomento Economico Mexicano with 8.63%, MFS International with 1.15%, The Vanguard Group with 1.12%, Norges Bank Investment Management with 0.88%, Morgans Stanley Investment Management with 0.84%, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec with 0.78%, Invesco Advisers with 0.73% and Vontobel Asset Management with 0.68%.

How can I sell or buy Heineken shares?

To invest in the Heineken share price, you can of course choose to add shares in this company to your stock portfolio. But you can also choose to speculate directly on the price of this stock, up or down, with derivatives such as CFDs or contracts for difference, offered by online brokers.

What are the best technical indicators for analysing Heineken shares?

To make a good technical and charting analysis of the Heineken share, you should first of all choose your charts carefully and favour customisable charts. You will be able to display the best indicators such as the MACD, the Bollinger Bands, the moving averages or the technical support and resistance levels. Don't forget to cross-reference the signals you get with those from fundamental analysis.

Trade the Heineken share!

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