Paris Blockchain Week: Programme and interest

Paris Blockchain Week has established itself as one of the major events dedicated to blockchain technology, not only in France but on a global scale. This annual event brings together experts, entrepreneurs, investors and regulators to explore the latest innovations and challenges in blockchain. Set in the heart of the French capital, it provides a unique platform for discussions on emerging trends, regulatory challenges and growth opportunities in the decentralised finance sector and beyond. Paris Blockchain Week is particularly significant for finance professionals. It demystifies and harnesses the potential of blockchain, a promising technology that is redefining the paradigms of traditional financial services. The event offers a rare opportunity to understand how blockchain can facilitate faster, safer and cheaper transactions, while paving the way for new forms of investment and improved regulatory compliance. By attending Paris Blockchain Week, professionals can keep up to date with technological advances, network with thought leaders and innovators, and explore how to integrate these new solutions into their business strategies. It's an unmissable opportunity for anyone who wants to stay at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving field of finance. Visit the official event website at

Paris Blockchain Week: in brief
  • Leading event: Paris Blockchain Week is a major event bringing together blockchain experts from all over the world.
  • Diversity of themes: It covers a wide range of topics including security, regulation and decentralised finance (DeFi).
  • Networking opportunities: Offers exceptional networking opportunities with industry professionals and investors.
  • Innovations and startups: Highlights the latest innovations and emerging startups in the field of blockchain.
  • Virtual accessibility: Offers online participation options for those unable to attend physically.

Paris Blockchain Week: Programme and interest

Origin and development of Paris Blockchain Week


History of the event: creation, founders and development over the years

Paris Blockchain Week was born in 2019 out of the shared vision of several French technology leaders who were convinced of the revolutionary potential of blockchain. The aim was to create a must-attend event that could act as a catalyst for innovation and the adoption of this technology in France and Europe. Since then, the event has rapidly grown in popularity and importance, attracting participants from all over the globe.

Year on year, Paris Blockchain Week has evolved to include a broader spectrum of topics around blockchain, such as decentralised finance (DeFi), cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity, and regulatory aspects. The event also managed to attract renowned speakers, thought leaders, and leading innovators, contributing to its growing prestige and influence.


Impact on the blockchain industry in France and internationally

The impact of Paris Blockchain Week on the blockchain industry is considerable, both nationally and internationally. In France, the event helped stimulate interest in distributed ledger technologies (DLT) among startups, established companies, and even government entities. This has led to a number of important initiatives, such as the creation of blockchain clusters and the adoption of regulatory frameworks favourable to innovation in this field.

On the international stage, Paris Blockchain Week serves as a bridge between Europe and other global technology centres. It facilitates the exchange of knowledge, cross-border collaborations and attracts investment in the European blockchain sector. The event also plays a key role in highlighting the practical applications of blockchain, demonstrating its usefulness beyond cryptocurrencies, in areas such as logistics, healthcare and sustainable finance.

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Aims of Paris Blockchain Week

Promoting blockchain technology

One of the major aims of Paris Blockchain Week is to promote blockchain technology and raise awareness of its transformative potential in various sectors. The event is designed to educate and inform participants about the benefits of blockchain, such as transparency, increased security, and operational efficiency. Educational sessions, hands-on workshops, and real-world use case presentations are held to demonstrate how blockchain can be effectively integrated into everyday business and government operations.


Highlighting innovations and startups in the field

Paris Blockchain Week is also a showcase for the latest innovations in blockchain. The event showcases the most promising start-ups, giving them a platform to present their solutions to an international audience. This exhibition is crucial not only for start-ups seeking to attract investment and partners, but also for industries interested in new technologies. Each year, significant advances in smart contracts, decentralised payment solutions and data security are showcased, stimulating the adoption of these technologies.


Facilitating networking between professionals and investors

Finally, one of the key aims of Paris Blockchain Week is to facilitate networking between blockchain professionals and investors. The event attracts investors from all over Europe and the world, keen to discover and finance the next big innovations. Networking areas, cocktails and speed-dating sessions are organised to enable entrepreneurs to meet investors and experts who can help accelerate their growth. This direct interaction between startup founders and financiers is a key factor in catalysing new projects and collaborations in the blockchain ecosystem.

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Programme of the Paris Blockchain Week event

Paris Blockchain Week is structured over several days, each devoted to different aspects of blockchain and its applications. The first day is generally devoted to a welcome and a general introduction to blockchain, followed by plenary sessions dealing with the major trends and current issues. The following days are more specialised, with workshops, roundtables and Q&A sessions providing a deeper insight into specific topics.

The topics covered during Paris Blockchain Week cover a wide range of issues crucial to the blockchain industry. Here are some of the major topics covered at the event:

  • Blockchain Security: Focus on the latest methods for securing transactions and data on blockchain, including innovations in cryptography and network security.
  • Regulation: Discussion of the evolving regulatory frameworks around blockchain, with specialist regulators and lawyers explaining the new directives and their impact on the industry.
  • Decentralised Finance (DeFi): Exploration of recent developments in DeFi, including lending platforms, decentralised exchanges and stablecoins.
  • Enterprise Applications: Presenting use cases of blockchain in large enterprises, showing how this technology is transforming sectors such as logistics, international trade and supply chain management.

Each edition of Paris Blockchain Week attracts leading experts in the field of blockchain. Notable speakers often include:

  • Founders of blockchain startups who share their journeys and the challenges of creating a growing tech company.
  • Security experts discussing the latest tactics to counter the security threats inherent in emerging technologies.
  • Regulators and legal advisors who provide updates on regulatory changes affecting the cryptocurrency and blockchain market.
  • Business leaders who explain how to integrate blockchain into traditional business operations to improve efficiency and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend Paris Blockchain Week?

Paris Blockchain Week is designed for technology professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and regulators interested in blockchain and its applications. Whether you are a blockchain expert looking to deepen your knowledge, a finance professional keen to understand how this technology can transform your sector, or an innovator looking for networking opportunities, this event offers valuable resources and information for all.

How can I attend Paris Blockchain Week if I can't be physically present?

Paris Blockchain Week offers virtual participation options for those unable to attend in person. Major sessions are often streamed live, and some can be accessed offline. To access these options, you can register on the official event website, where you will also find information on fees and how to access online content.

What are the benefits of taking part in Paris Blockchain Week?

Attending Paris Blockchain Week allows you to catch up on the latest blockchain innovations and trends, meet opinion leaders and potential business partners, and gain a better understanding of current and future regulatory implications. It's also a great opportunity to find out how other industries are integrating blockchain to solve complex problems and improve efficiency.