Trade the Lenovo share!

How to sell or buy Lenovo shares?

Trade the Lenovo share!

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If you want to sell or buy Lenovo stock online, this comprehensive article about the stock will give you all the information you need to analyse its price. We will take a closer look at the group's activities and sources of profit, present its various competitors and adversaries on the market as well as its recent partners. Finally, we will suggest that you find out which elements you need to study in the fundamental analysis of this stock according to their real impact.
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How to buy and sell Lenovo shares?

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Elements to consider before investing in this asset

Analysis N°1

Firstly, the development of Lenovo's distribution network will have to be followed, with the signing of contracts with chain shops likely to sell its products or the opening of its own shops.

Analysis N°2

The diversification and growth of the product portfolio distributed by the group could also be an interesting point to watch and it will be necessary to keep an eye on all the developments in progress at Lenovo as well as on the investments in research.

Analysis N°3

The competition is also one of the key points to watch if you want to analyse Lenovo stock effectively. You will need to compare the technologies and pricing policies of the major players in the sector, as well as their most important news.

Analysis N°4

Partnerships and other strategic moves that Lenovo Group may make will be important too, so you should keep an eye on the company's news.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it is also advisable to closely monitor the group's annual and quarterly results with figures on sales, turnover, margin and net income, comparing them to previous years and to the expectations of analysts specialising in this area.

How to sell or buy Lenovo shares?
Trade the Lenovo share!
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What should I know before sell and buy Lenovo stock?

Buy Lenovo shares

We will now take a closer look at who Lenovo is, what it does and what its main sources of income are. Indeed, a good knowledge of this company will be essential if you want to predict its future performance as effectively as possible. Here is a detailed presentation of the group.

Lenovo Group is a Chinese company that operates in the computer industry. More specifically, the company specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of personal computers.

To better understand the Lenovo Group's business, it is possible to break it down by product line according to the share of revenue generated and in this way:

  • Laptops and desktops generate 71.4% of the company's turnover.
  • This is followed by smartphones and tablets, which generate 16% of turnover.
  • Finally, the remaining 16% of turnover comes from ancillary and accessory products.

It is also interesting to know where Lenovo earns its profits. In terms of geographic distribution, 25.4 percent of Lenovo's revenue comes from China, 15.8 percent from Asia Pacific, 31.3 percent from the Americas and 27.5 percent from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Currently, the group employs around 71,500 people.

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The major competitors of Lenovo

Now that you have a good overview of who Lenovo is and its major activities and sources of profit, let's talk about its industry environment with a presentation of its various competitors in the market. Here are some of its major rivals:


First of all, the Hewlett Packard Company group is an American multinational company which initially specialised in electronics and instrumentation and which has evolved over time into the computer, printer, server and network, software and multimedia sectors. The main products marketed by the group are printers, peripherals, computers and business services.


This other company, whose full name is Toshiba Corporation, is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic and computer equipment. It is currently the largest semiconductor manufacturer in Japan and the third largest in the world. Currently, Toshiba employs 128,697 people.

Dell Technologies

This other American company is currently the third largest computer manufacturer in the world after HP and Lenovo. It is based in Texas, USA. Best known for its computers, the company also offers enterprise servers, data backup and storage systems and network-specific hardware. The group also sells software and peripherals including printers, digital cameras and other products. The group is listed on the Nasdaq market in New York.


The last major competitor of Toshiba is currently the Acer Group or Acer Incorporated, which is a computer manufacturer based in Taiwan and specialises in, among other things, the research and development, design, production and sale of computer products including computers.

The major partners of Lenovo

Of course, the Toshiba group does not only have competitors but can also count on the establishment of certain strategic partnerships in order to boost its activities and profitability. Here are two recent examples of this type of alliance:

DreamWorks Animation

In 2021, the group signed a partnership with this company for desktop innovation. The two companies were already partners in the past, and this new alliance simply builds on that by expanding Lenovo's role in data centre innovation. As part of the multi-year agreement, DreamWorks will deploy Lenovo workstations across all departments for content and character development, including the studio's next major production, The Bad Guy.


Another partnership that has recently been established by the Lenovo Group has been signed with NetApp. This new agreement concerns the creation of a joint venture between the two companies in China. More precisely, this strategic partnership between the two companies aims to help Lenovo in the field of storage and data management. The objective is to combine the group's server portfolio with the storage solutions offered by NetApp in order to significantly increase its proposals.

Trade the Lenovo share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Lenovo Group's capital divided today?

Lenovo Group's capital is partly free-floating but also owned by a number of large private shareholders including Legend Holdings Corporation with 29.1%, Union Star Ltd with 7.54%, Yuan Qing Yang with 5.96%, Onvesco Advisers with 2.24%, The Vanguard Group with 1.72%, FIL Investment Management Hong Kong with 1.58%, JPMorgan Asset Management with 1.47%, Gidelity Management & Research with 1.44%, BlackRock Fund Advisors with 1.44% and Ivy Investment Management with 1.13%.

What indicators should I follow to anticipate changes in the Lenovo share price?

To know how the Lenovo share is likely to evolve on the stock market, it is necessary to rely on several indicators, including fundamental analysis indicators such as those we have listed in this article, but also technical analysis indicators. The latter are accessible from the customisable charts offered by brokers.

Where can I find financial information about Lenovo Group?

To follow and consult all the news and financial data of the Lenovo group, you can consult the official website of the group, in the section reserved for investors and shareholders. You can also find important information about this group and its stock in the news feed of your broker.

Trade the Lenovo share!

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